Simple Ways To Improve Smartphone Performance


Simple Ways To Improve Smartphone Performance: In today’s digital age, mobile phones are seen in the hands of every human being without which it is not possible to live without them.

While smartphones make life easier, there are also some problems related to their performance which cause trouble. Here are some tips to help you get rid of the clutter you don’t need.

The following are some useful tips suggested by digital devices and gadget experts to enhance the performance and life of smartphones that can be followed to get rid of various problems associated with mobile phones.

According to experts, files and data should be stored in the memory of your smartphone according to the storage, ie if the memory of the smartphone is low and data storage is already in use.

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Then instead of storing more data in the phone data First empty the phone by storing it in a drive, then store the new data in it.

If the phone has an SD card, try to keep all the data in ‘external storage’, having more data saved in the phone can affect the performance of the phone and the smartphone may hang frequently.

Be sure to refresh once after using the mobile phone, it stops running many applications running in the background and the performance of the mobile stays better for a long time and the speed of the mobile does not slow down.


Always use an internet connection that has better signals in your area, slow internet connections also shorten the life of the phone.

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Only keep apps that are really in use on your mobile, keep an eye on apps that use a lot of mobile resources, and then delete them from your mobile if they have built-in apps (meaning apps that come with the phone).

Disable them (also not installed) and avoid using widgets and live wallpapers.

Do not leave the phone on continuous charging, as soon as the charging of the phone reaches 20%, charge it immediately and never use the phone after it is half charged until the mobile battery is 100% charged. Let it go

To increase the battery life span (meaning the time the battery works properly), experts say that keeping the battery charging between 20 and 80% is also useful for longer battery life.

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Keep mobiles out of the reach of children and have screen protectors and mobile covers to protect their screens and bodies.

According to technology experts, everyone should keep their smartphone off for at least one minute once a week, instead of restarting, they must power off the phone once a week.


There are many reasons to power off a smartphone once a week, doing so improves the smartphone’s memory, battery and performance.

10 Ways To Improve Smartphone Performance



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