TCL Rollable Smartphone 2021 [7.8 inches Display]


TCL Rollable Smartphone 2021: LG unveiled its rollable phone at the CES Technology Show in Las Vegas.  At the same event, TCL, a well-known television company, also introduced a similar concept phone.

Full details of the phone have not been revealed, but TCL did share some details of its rollable phone.

The company revealed that the phone has a 6.7-inch display that expands up to 7.8 inches, and this is done with the push of a button.

TCL Rollable Smartphone
TCL Rollable Smartphone 2021

By the way, the concept of TCL’s rollable concept phone is not new, even in 2020 this company had introduced such a concept phone.

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But it opened like a new phone, like a book, while the new phone grows by sliding upwards.

The company has announced that it will introduce a phone with a flexible display in 2021 but did not say whether it will be foldable or rollable.

This concept phone looks less than 10mm thick, which means it’s not much thicker than a normal smartphone, which is quite different from other foldable phones.


The phone has a mirror-like back and an interface to change the display size, but the company did not specify.

TCL also showcased a printed flexible OLED scrolling display that feels like a piece of paper that stretches out to form 17 screens.

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This technology will probably not be part of any device anytime soon, as there are no phones with such a large display yet.

The company’s concept phone, which was unveiled last year, had a slide-out display.

There was another display in this phone behind the first display which could be pulled out.

The company also unveiled a prototype smartphone at the CES Technology Exhibition in January 2020.

The phone has a square design with a 7.2-inch plastic display that opens from the middle and has no selfie camera but has 4 cameras on the back.


Unlike other foldable smartphones, the TCL device can stand on the floor even when folded, while folding like a laptop can be used to type half of its screen.

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The company said it was working on designs for a dozen foldable phones, as well as smart glasses and smart home products.

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