The First Glimpse of LG’s Rollable Smartphone


The First Glimpse of LG’s rollable Smartphone: LG has been working on a rollable smartphone for a long time and now the company has given a glimpse of it.

At the CES Technology Show in Las Vegas, LG unveiled a device called the LG Rollable, which the company called a unique resize screen.

These devices are capable of switching from a phone to a small tablet, meaning the screen can slide from top to bottom.

It is currently a concept phone that is part of LG’s Explorer project and it is not yet known what technology LG is using for this display.

The LG Explorer project last year introduced the LG Wing smartphone with a rotating design with 2 LED displays.

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The company did not specify if the LG rollable phone will ever be available to the general public.

But the company’s presentation of this experience to the public suggests that the LG rollable may be introduced at some point in the future.


This concept phone looks like the answer to Samsung’s foldable phones and its size is similar to the traditional smartphone display unless it is converted into a small tablet.

Oppo is also working on such an LED display, a concept device that was unveiled some time ago.

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