Top 5 Tips to Improve Speed of your iPhone’s Charging in 2017


Charging an iPhone or an iPad appears like a direct process, however, it can be moderate. Notwithstanding, numerous Apple fans don’t understand that the speed of charging fluctuates relying upon the way you charge the gadget: there are simple actions which iPhone’s users can do to charge the iPhone speedier. Furnished with a touch of information users can significantly decrease the time it takes to charge up an iPhone’s battery.
Quick charging is a feature on numerous Android phones, enabling them to increase as much as 50 percent battery in 30 minutes in many occurrences. Apple authoritatively acquires much advancement this space to the iPhone, however, there are couple methods which iPhone users can use to charge up speedier than typical.

Use virtuous charger

The charger dramatically affects the amount of time it takes to energize an iPhone. Pretty clearly, mostly iPhone users ought to dependably energize an iPhone utilizing the iPhone or iPad connector/adaptor.
As indicated by Apple, it’s protected to utilize iPad USB power connectors to charge an iPhone. IPhones originate with a 5-volt charger, which utilizes 1 amp for 5 watts of power. iPads have chargers with 5.1 volts, 2.1 amps and 12 watts of power.

Charge in Airplane Mode

The less iPhone is doing the quicker it will have more capacity to charge. Battery charging time can be reduced little bit more by enabling Airplane Mode as Airplane Mode shuts off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Wi-Fi use radio waves to transmit information over the network and these waves consume more battery in coding and decoding of signals to transmit data.  This feature will keep phone from squandering battery so it will recharge speedier.
Apple actualized a less stringent adaptation of this thought called Low Power Mode into iOS 9. It works correspondingly, just to a lesser range. It can help but it makes smartphone dumber.

Turn off iPhone

Also, turning iPhone off during charging empowers it to charge speedier. Once more, the distinction will be partial, yet might be valuable.
IPhone isn’t draining any power at all while it is switch off during charging. Connect the iPhone to the divider charger, hold down the Sleep/Wake button and utilize the Slide to Power Off icon to turn off the iPhone. Keep it in that position for two or three hours to get completely charge.

Remove iPhone case

Many iPhone users use phone cases to protect their phones from scratches and try to keep their iPhones in well condition with the usage of phone cases. Google nexus cases in Pakistan provide variety of phone cases and people use these to fulfill their requirements. Usage of these cases is healthier for iPhone but before begin charging of an iPhone, phone case should be removed before that action. IPhones are capable to charge more proficiently when they’re kept in the correct temperature. Charging gadget when it’s inside certain styles of cases may create abundance heat, which can influence battery limit. Apple clarifies. “If it is felt that device gets hot during charging, case should be removed first.”

Don’t use computer to charge an iPhone

In a case if user wants to charge iPhone quickly, then user should not use computer to charge phone because it gets charged very slowly. User attach iPhone with computer through data cable, different types of data cables are available in market as htc accessories in Pakistan also provides data cables but data cables are not preferable medium to charge an iPhone.
It’s pointless to attempt and charge anything with a PC, since USB ports yield 0.5A. PC needs to allocate available power over a variety of inner segments and can’t devote all of its energy to charging an iPhone.


Mobile is the need of each and every person for every day and for every minute. Performance of mobile phone or iPhone is totally dependent on its battery. Worthy battery extend the life of an iPhone and as iPhone users will keep their iPhones for long duration as iPhones are expensive gadget so its accessories and battery should be kept in better condition. Battery life surely is extended if user utilizes all above discussed precautionary measure to charge the iPhone.
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