Top selling smartphones in 2020 | Latest Update 2021

Mobile phones have become a necessity nowadays and almost everyone in Pakistan has this device. The question is, do Pakistanis prefer smartphones or ordinary feature phones?

It is very difficult to answer this, but if you look at the record of Google search, the favourite phone of the Pakistani people in 2020 is going to stun everyone.

It would be hard to believe, but the most favourite phone of Pakistanis in 2020 is not Apple’s iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, but Huawei’s Y9A, which is facing difficulties due to US sanctions.

At least Google Trend 2020 says that no Samsung phone in Pakistan tops the list this year.

For the first time this year, Google has included the gadget option in Pakistan’s most popular searches and it includes all smartphones.

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Looking at Google’s most popular gadget searches in Pakistan for 2020, Huawei Y9A tops the list.

It is not known how many sales it has had since its introduction in Pakistan, but Google data suggests it will be well ahead of sales in September.

  • And yes, second only to the Infinix Note 7.
  • At number three is another Chinese company, Vivo’s V20, which was recently launched in Pakistan.
  • The iPhone 12 ranks fourth in Google searches.
  • This is followed by another Infinix phone Hot 9, while the Oppo F17 Pro came in at number six.
  • Vivo has 3 phones from 7th to 9th, S1, Y20 and Y51, while Huawei Y6P stands at 10th.

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