Xiaomi’s First Quad-Curved Waterfall Display Concept Smartphone


Xiaomi’s First Quad-Curved Waterfall Display Concept Smartphone: Xiaomi has unveiled its stunning new Concepcion phone with a ‘quad-crude water display’.

Simply put, this phone (which has not been given a name) not only has an 88-degree waterfall on the right and left sides but also up and down.

This design leaves no room for ports or buttons in the phone.

However, the company said that this has resulted in a real bezel-less phone, equipped with a port and unibody design.

It is not clear how the screen will work on the corners of the screen, while the promotional images suggest that Xiaomi has left out small and round cutouts.

  • Not a full infinity display, but it’s still shocking.
  • It was introduced online by the company, but the company said the phone actually existed and officials were using it.
  • The company said the display was the result of advances in glass banding and laminating technology.
  • The company did not say anything about the other features of the phone.
  • Similarly, the company has not made any announcement regarding its availability to its customers.
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It is clear from the video and photos of the phone that it does not have a camera and the company said that it will replace 46 patented technologies with features like an under-display camera, wireless charging, and pressure-sensitive touch sensor.

Earlier in 2019, Xiaomi had also introduced a concept phone Mi Mix Alpha with a screen-to-body ratio of 180.6%.

In this concept phone, the display side of the phone is extended to the back and the bezel is given in a thin strip on the back which had the camera setup.


That phone was also not offered to consumers for sale and it is likely that this anonymous phone will not be available but its technologies will be used for future phones.

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Xiaomi’s First Quad-Curved Waterfall Display Concept Smartphone



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