A Great Feature Added To Google Street View

Google Street View may be a very useful feature of Google Search and Google Maps that helps people find routes. But now, for the primary time, ordinary users are going to be ready to upload Street View data from Google without a 360-degree camera.

According to the Android Police report, a replacement feature driving mode is being introduced in  Google_Street View. which is currently available to a limited number of users.

Enabling this feature will allow users to require and upload photos from their phones without the necessity for a special camera. while faces and license plates are going to be blurred automatically.

Driving mode will help improve Street View, especially in rural areas, where more data isn’t available to Google. It is not clear how Google will control the standard of knowledge uploaded from users’ phones.

At the instant, it’s only assumed that this data is going to be reviewed manually. Unlike Google Maps, until now, Google Street_View (which is a component of Google Maps and also is an autonomous app) has not been ready to upload its data to ordinary users.

This requires a 360-degree camera. In December last year, Google said during a blog that Google Earth now covers quite 98% of the planet and has thus far collected 10 million miles of Street View imagery.

In terms of 10 million miles, Google said space is quite enough to travel around the world quite 400 times, and Google Earth allows users to browse quite 36 million square miles of satellite imagery.

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