Announcing a warning now for liking a misleading tweet | Twitter Support

The social networking site Twitter has announced that a warning will be issued if any user tries to retweet a tweet labelled Miss Leading. In fact, even just liking such a tweet (misleading tweet) will give you a warning.

The company said in a statement that promoting Red Info would reduce the rate of misleading tweets being used as a reference by 29%.


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“We’ve expanded the warnings feature to let you know when you click on a label tweet,” the statement said.  According to the statement, the user will be told why a tweet has been labelled.

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When a user tries to like a tweet like this, a message will appear in the popup window that says ‘Help Twitter become a source of authentic information’.


Then a button will appear on which information on the subject can be found by clicking on it, after which he can decide to like the tweet.

Twitter has increased its labelling rate this year to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and misleading information during the US election.

Announcing a warning now for liking a misleading tweet | Twitter Support



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