Are Your Children cowardly? [Don’t Worry Now They are Brave]

Are Your Children cowardly? [Don’t Worry Now They are Brave]: Taking care of children’s mental health, it is very important for their balanced and confident personalities to understand and build their psychology in which environment is of primary importance.

The culture and customs of a country and a nation also play an important role in shaping the psyche of children. If the children of the Indian subcontinent are compared with the children of Western countries, a clear difference will be felt.

Unfortunately, no attention is paid to the mental health of our children, and their emotions are not taken care of in a way that builds confidence and dignity in their personality.

Here we bring to your attention an important point which is probably the biggest problem & harms children emotionally.

According to psychologists, we try to instill fear in the hearts of children from childhood. Is. There can be different forms of this fear.

Usually, if children do not sleep until late at night, they are scared to sleep by some animal or imaginary character.

For example, go to sleep, otherwise, the dog will come or will come.

In addition, the greatest fear and dread is the darkness, which in the hearts of children at a young age in the dark and desolate place and empty rooms that the fear that they will not be able to save their lives until they reach old age.

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Remember this is how your child becomes a coward and coward.

If you read, you will find out and in most of the movies, you have seen that children in western countries are made accustomed to sleeping in a separate room at the age of a few years.

It builds confidence in them and they are able to cope with lonely situations and lead a normal life even in normal life.

According to experts, it is important to tell a story before going to bed, to say good things, and to hug or love a child. In this way, feelings of love and affection are created in their hearts.

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According to psychologists, this may seem like a small thing, but it has a profound effect on the mind and heart of a child.

Experts say that the reason why children are less Sunni is unable to understand the immense love of their parents, they may have accepted their presence and closeness, but they need to be made to feel love and security from time to time. Is.

This increases the child’s confidence.

Instead of giving their children an atmosphere of fear and apprehension, parents should make them confident, fearless, and confronted with the situation and make a name for themselves, and for this, they should consider the above.

Are Your Children cowardly? [ How to Stop Being a Coward? ]

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