Best Smart Toothbrush (Auto Working Toothbrush)


Best Smart Toothbrush (Auto Working Toothbrush): Philips is known for its lights, TVs, and other electronics products, but you may not know that this company also manufactures toothbrushes.

During this year’s CES Technology Exhibition in Las Vegas, Philips introduced a new flagship toothbrush to rival competitors, dubbed the Sony Care 9900 Prestige.

This toothbrush has AI technology that monitors the cleanliness of the mouth and also provides accurate information on how to brush to prevent tooth decay.

This brush uses a technology called Suns IQ to determine how hard it should be applied to the teeth and adjusts the intensity of the vibration accordingly.
Best Smart Toothbrush (Auto Working Toothbrush)
Best Smart Toothbrush (Auto Working Toothbrush)

The company said that most people put a lot of pressure on their teeth while brushing, but this new brush is designed to prevent this phenomenon.

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The angle of the fibers in the brush is such that it removes 20 times more plaque from the teeth than the current models, which helps to maintain the whiteness.

The Sony Care app provides real-time guidance on how people should brush their teeth, and the more it is used, the more useful its advice becomes.


Over time, the software is able to provide weekly, monthly, and even annual progress reports.

The brush will be accompanied by a leather case with a USB port for charging.

The company has not yet announced the date and price of its availability, but it may be available this year.

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