Biometric Login Feature Introduced in WhatsApp Web Version


Biometric Login Feature Introduced in WhatsApp Web Version: The desktop and web versions of WhatsApp have been working since last year on the feature of logging in with fingerprint or face lock.

  • Now Facebook-owned company has introduced this feature for users.
  • It is now possible to log in to a WhatsApp account on a computer or web with biometric information.
  • WhatsApp has further improved user protection so that no one else can open your account without permission.
  • The smartphone just needs to have a fingerprint scanner or face lock.

Users of such phones will be asked by WhatsApp when using the web version whether they want to link the biometric process to their account.

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A QR code must be scanned from the phone after verification of identity by the service.

This new biometric authentication feature will be active by default and will not work when the user has switched off the fee or fingerprint unlock in the phone completely.

This new feature will facilitate the comparison of QR codes, especially for those who use the WhatsApp web frequently.

Thanks to this new feature, they will not have to repeatedly pick up the smartphone & scan the QR code from their camera.

WhatsApp has assured users that it will not have access to users’ biometrics data and verification will be done through the phone’s operating system.


WhatsApp is working on a web version and recently the voice and video call feature on the web version and desktop version was made part of the beta version.

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Hopefully, this feature will be available to all users soon after the beta version becomes available.

This feature will be very helpful for users who use the web version of WhatsApp more.

Biometric Login Feature Introduced in WhatsApp Web Version

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