C Plus Pod | Toyota has recently introduced a new electric car


Toyota has recently introduced a new electric car, the C Plus Pod. The purpose of introducing this small vehicle is to help people travel as well as save fuel.

It can only carry 2 people and despite being small, its mission is quite large. According to the company, its design is aimed at increasing people’s attention to battery-powered vehicles.

This new vehicle is designed for short trips during daily use. The car is 98 inches long and 51 inches wide and weighs 680 kg.

According to the company, keeping the volume small will help make it easier to manufacture and lower in cost, while the body panels are made of plastic.

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It will have LED lights and taillights and has controls on the dashboard with 2 seats for the convenience of the driver.

The car will be powered by a 9.1 kW lithium wool battery with a top speed of 37 mph.

According to the company, the car will be able to travel up to 93 miles on a full charge, while the C-Plus pod can also be used as a portable generator.


This vehicle will be able to get 1500 watts of electricity and will be able to provide electricity to a house for 10 hours.

Currently, the car will be available in Japan for certain companies, while for the general consumer it could be introduced by 2022.

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As for the price, it is set at $16,000 (more than 2.5 million Pakistani rupees).

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