Chat and Photo Transfer From WhatsApp on Telegram [New Feature]


Chat and Photo Transfer From WhatsApp on Telegram [New Feature]: Recently, due to privacy concerns, many users turned to Telegram, and now to help their new users, Telegram has introduced a feature that allows users to transfer their chats from WhatsApp to Telegram.

This means that users will be able to save their old chats and will not lose them due to the transfer from WhatsApp to Telegram.

Chats from WhatsApp can be moved to the latest version of Telegram 7.4.1.

According to the Telegram’s website, this feature is not only for WhatsApp chat but also for apps like Line and Coca-Cola.

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It should be noted that the number of telegram subscribers has increased to more than 500 million after an extraordinary increase. This is due to the new privacy policy of WhatsApp.

However, WhatsApp has stalled plans to introduce the policy, stressing that it will not affect users’ personal data and chats.

  • Users can transfer telegram chat from WhatsApp and people can turn to Telegram.
  • A chat transfer facility is also available for transferring group chats from WhatsApp.
  • Open the chat that needs to be transferred for chat transfer on WhatsApp.

From there go to the ‘Export Chat’ option and select ‘Telegram’ from the options. Then select a chat on the telegram where the chat can be transferred.


Chats transmitted over the telegram have a small ‘Imported’ sign indicating when the chat was moved. WhatsApp has the option to transfer chats with or without photos both ways.


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