Defeat Donald Trump: US government lifts ban on TikTok


Following the defeat of Donald Trump within the presidential election, the United States government also temporarily postponed the choice to right away ban the short video sharing application TikTok.

Although a US court has already barred the govt from banning TikTok, it’s expected that the United States government will announce a replacement date on November 12 to ban TikTok.

In September, our government announced that tick-tock talk would be banned within the United States from November 12.

However, on October 31, a court within the US state of Pennsylvania barred the govt from imposing a ban on November 12.

And now the United States government has made it clear that thanks to legal complications until the defeat of Donald Trump and therefore the inauguration of a replacement president, TikTok can’t be banned immediately and therefore the government will follow the court’s decision.

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According to the technology website TechCrunch, the US Department of Justice and Commerce made it clear after the November 12 deadline that TikTok couldn’t be banned immediately.

According to the United States government, the choice is being postponed thanks to legal and administrative complications until the newly elected president takes office.

The United States government has not said when a final judgment is going to be made on whether or to not ban TikTok, but it’s now thought that the Chinese app won’t be banned within the US.


In August 2020, Donald Trump called TuckTuck a threat to US national security and threatened to sell his US assets to a US company or face closure within us.

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Donald Trump initially gave TikTok a 45-day respite, but it had been later extended for an additional 45 days, after which TikTok challenged Donald Trump’s decisions in US courts.

U.S. courts have upheld the ban on tick-tock within us, and now the govt has made it clear that the new president-elect cannot immediately ban tick-tock thanks to legal complications.

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