Did President Trump forget the TikTok ban?

US President Donald Trump was previously very busy with his presidential election and is now busy analyzing various options, including legal challenges, after the election failure.

Whether or not he resigns in January will be known in the coming weeks. But there is more to the president’s attention than just the election, like the sword of a ticking ban in the United States.

That’s why TikTok wants to know what’s going on with the Trump administration’s threats to impose sanctions on the United States.

That’s why TikTok has filed a lawsuit in a U.S. court seeking a review of the Trump administration’s actions. The reason for this is that the order issued by the US President to ban tick-tock is coming to an end this week.

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) is the body responsible for resolving national security issues with foreign investment.

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The same committee claimed that Bite Dance’s (which owns TikTok) links to the Chinese government were a threat to US security.

That’s why the Trump administration issued two separate executive orders in August ordering the closure of VChat and TikTok.

Donald Trump’s orders suggested that TikTok sell its US shares to a US company within 45 days, otherwise, it would be shut down.

Similarly, what was told to sell its US assets to a US technology company within 45 days, otherwise, it would be shut down.

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Following the US President’s threat, several US companies had expressed interest in buying US assets for TikTok and VChat, and later Donald Trump gave Chinese companies another 45 days.

Tik Tak Ko’s term expires on November 12, during which time he had to sell his assets in the United States to an American company.

To that end, TikTok entered into a partnership agreement with Oracle and Wal-Mart to meet the demands of the US President.

But CFIUS’s response to the deal is not yet known, which is why TikTok applied for a one-month extension of the ban.

However, TikTok said in a statement that it had not heard from the US government for about two months and that the CFIUS had not yet said what would happen on November 12, if the demands were not met.

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That’s why TikTok’s request was reviewed in a U.S. court.

According to a statement issued by TikTok, “TikTok has been in close touch with the CFIUS for over a year to address its national security concerns, although Do not agree.

“After the initial approval of the partnership agreement by the President, we offered a detailed solution to finalize the agreement to satisfy the concerns, but for about 2 months now we have been sharing our data privacy,” the statement said. And no feedback on the security framework.

This is not the first time that President Donald Trump has forgotten about the TikTok ban.

He had earlier claimed that the sale ofย  TikTok would expire in September, although he had earlier extended the deadline to November by issuing an executive order.

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