Digital Cameras GFX100S and XE4 | FujiFilm Introduces 2 New Digital Cameras


FujiFilm Introduces 2 New Digital Cameras: FujiFilm has introduced two new digital cameras GFX100S and XE4.

The GFX100S is a smaller and cheaper version of the 2019 GFX camera.

Like the GFX, the new camera has a 102-megapixel medium format sensor with 100% phase-detection AF coverage.

It weighs 500 grams less than the previous camera, but it lacks some new features, such as the EVF is no longer interchangeable and there is no vertical battery group option.

Its in-body OIS system is also smaller and lighter, but the company says it can outperform the GFX100 in this regard, thanks to upgraded gyro sensors and better algorithms.

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It is 30% smaller in size than the previous model and the controls are given in the traditional DSLR PASM dial while virtual dials can also be used in the 1.8-inch monocore display.

The camera will be available in March and is priced at 6 6,000, while the GFX100 is priced at $10,000.


On the other hand, the company has also introduced the new X-Series X4 camera which it has termed as compact interchangeable lens camera.

  • It has a 26.1-megapixel X-Trans sensor with shutter speed and exposure dials and a new screen.
  • P setting in shutter dial is also available for full automatic programming.
  • This camera can record 4K and 6K video.
  • The camera will also go on sale in March at a price of $850.

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