Honda Has Developed a coronavirus Killing ‘Mask’ For Vehicles


Honda has developed a device that will help protect you from the disease. Yes, Honda has developed a ‘mask’ to protect vehicles from viruses.

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In Japan, Honda has introduced this unique device called Koromako. It can be installed on top of the air filter in the cabin and acts as a face mask to prevent the spread of viruses.

The company did not elaborate but said the device was designed to cope with the Coronavirus epidemic. The device captures viral particles at its specific level and reduces the risk of damage, the company said.

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The technology uses the chemical treatment of zinc phosphate, which is also used to protect vehicles from rust.

According to the company, this technology kills viruses inside the cabin.

According to Honda, the Coromaco can eliminate 99.8% of the viral particles circulating in the cabin inside the car within 15 minutes, when the air circulation is switched on by the user.


This device has to be cleaned in 24 hours while its life will be 15,000 kilometres or so to say it has to be changed every year.

Currently, the device will be available in Japan with a Honda Inbox Kai car priced at 6400 yen (9,968 Pakistani rupees).

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