How To Get Rid of Cockroaches Fast?

Many times, no matter how clean your home is, the problem of cockroaches does not go away.

And if the services of a pesticide company or a person cannot be obtained, then people do not understand how to get rid of cockroaches.

Here are some common methods that may be helpful in this regard to getting Rid of Cockroaches.

Eliminate their food

Cockroaches do not come to the house with the intention of scaring you, but they come for food. So an easy way to keep them away from home is to not leave leftover food in the kitchen.

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Wet objects also attract them, such as standing water in a pot, leaking water from a pipe, or even a wet sponge or cloth to quench the thirst of these insects.

So removing these sources from their reach not only prevents them from entering the house but also eliminates them if anyone is present in the house.

Don’t let stuff spread in the house

A pile of newspapers, a pile of bins or a box full of rubbish also forces Cockroaches into the house, so keeping the house tidy also helps keep these pests away.

Close the entrance

Cockroaches do not need an open door or window to enter the house, they can enter the house with an inch wide crack, so look for their possible entrances into the house, especially the dark parts like under the sink, inside the cabinet or behind the refrigerator. Glue or adhesive bandages can be used for this purpose.


First, mix the juice of four lemons with the peels in 2 litres of water and then wash the floor with it and then you will see the Cockroaches running away from there because they hate its fragrance.

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Similarly, if you spray some amount of lemon juice on the floor, on the doorstep and on the windows, it also helps to keep ants away from the house.

Ground coffee

Coffee, by the way, is one of the most popular beverages in the world, but it can also be used to get rid of Cockroaches. Where these bugs have disappeared.

Honey and sugar

Mix honey and sugar in such a way that there are three parts of honey and one part of sugar because honey works as a spray made to kill Cockroaches while sugar acts as fodder.

This mixture does not cause any harm to anyone, but still put it in a place where children cannot touch it, in a few hours the red bags will disappear.

Baking soda and sugar

Mix equal amounts of sugar and baking soda and put it in the areas where there are a lot of Cockroaches, sugar will attract the red bags and baking soda will kill them.

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Garlic, onion and pepper

Take a litre of water in a jug and add a clove or clove of garlic, a teaspoon of red chilli powder and an onion paste, soak the mixture for an hour and then add a teaspoon of liquid.

Add the soup. Apply this liquid to all places where there are a lot of Cockroaches and get rid of these pests.

Onions and baking soda

Needless to say, these pests also pose a risk of spreading very dangerous diseases, so they need to be eradicated.

Chop onion and mix a teaspoon of baking soda in it and pour this mixture into the corners of the house. Repeat this process daily and the house will soon be free of Cockroaches.

There are Some Ways to getting rid of Cockroaches Easily. If you have another way you can leave your comment

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