How to Sell a Product online

How to Sell a Product online

How to Sell a Product online

In this article you‘ll learn how to sell a product online easily. Many ways to sale products online, here we tell you some good Ways to Sale your Products online. For Hindi and Urdu watch the video.
Sell Your Products online By Social Media

You can sale your products easily by using Social Media. But how?

1.       Join the Buy and Sell Groups (Facebook, Google+)
2.       Join OLX  groups
3.       Post your Products Pictures with Price and Details
4.       Make Facebook page and promote your Products on your page
5.       Give Advertisements on Facebook

 Sell Your Products on online Selling Plat Forms

There are many sites to sale your products online but we tell you top 6 best online platforms where you can sell your products easily and earn money.


Amazon Company is titan of online Retail & likely 1 of the 1st places that comes to mind when you consider selling your products over the internet. Along a wide Reach for finding potential buyers, Amazon Company offers an easy to use selling products platform for numerous product categories (Including Beauty, fashion, books, technologies and home improvement)
Amazon Payments will collect either the applicable referral percentage of the every item minimum referral fee and depending on which is higher.


ebay founded in 1995, eBay is 1 of the most familiar & long standing  online great market places. While almost any product can be listed on eBay’s Pages, Seller offering rare / branded products including vintage goods & collectibles tends to do best with the service. The fees for selling products on eBay is 10 percent of the total sale value, up to a maximum charge of 750 Dollars. If you plan to list more than fifty products per month. You should note that insertion fee of 0.30 dollars per product may apply.


Etsy ideal for creative minded merchants seeking widespread exposure, Etsy Features 12.3 million items & hosts 875,00 merchants at any given time. 1 of the benefits of the awesome marketplace is that sellers can take advantage of any array of checkout systems including mobile phone options. There are fees for sales is typically 3.5 percent of the selling rate and does not including shipping or taxes.


Shopify lets users Create online Stores & Sell a wide array of Good in multiple Categories. 1 of the Good Benefits of shopify is that Sellers can design their own Professional Store Fronts using more than hundred templates options.
Sellers of shopify can choose from multiple monthly plans ranging from 9 dollars to 179 dollars a month. As an added bonus, certain these plans allow merchants to market their good across multiple channels, including Mail Chimp and Facebook. is not very old Website but has got its place in the leading online stores in very, very less time with the quality of their items and services. Deals in Dress, shoes, accessories, jewelries, bags, beauty items and life style products.

OLX is a most popular free local advertisement service. We can manage to get even the smallest village. OLX is completely free and simple to use. You can sell his products easily on OLX plate form. In OLX buyer and seller can deal directly face to face and by mobile numbers easily.
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