How To Spend Time in Lockdown / Quarantine? (Amazing Tips)


How To Spend Time in Lockdown / Quarantine? (Amazing Tips): We are still paying for this covid-19. May Allah save us from this disease as soon as possible. Amen.

May Allah take this disease away from us as soon as possible. Ameen

I haven’t written about this yet but I was asked to tell us how we can make our lockdown productive. Sometimes the lockdown is for a week, sometimes for more days, sometimes for a shorter time.

How To Spend Time In Lockdown? muqaddas naeem

Author: Muqaddas Naeem

Topic: How To Spend Time In Lockdown?

But we have to face it anyway and see how we can make the most of our time. I will share my experiences with you and tell you some tips that I followed.


My routine was going well at the beginning of the lockdown because there was a semester of my masters.

more days spent in lectures Lockdown is difficult for people who are completely free and have no engagements or say they have no purpose.

Like when I was free from exams, I was completely free, I didn’t have any work. So in such a time girls are told to do housework, housework does not end at all.

They say that the position of girls is that the work of girls does not really end and girls should do housework but all the time.

I don’t spend time on household chores because there are many hours in the day in which we are free. What we do is watch TV and use mobile.

Watch a drama or talk on WhatsApp with friends. Sometimes watch a series on YouTube and sometimes start a season on Netflix but don’t waste your time.

How To Spend Time in Lockdown
How To Spend Time in Lockdown?

Go back a little bit and think what were some of the things that you thought could not be done right now due to busyness but as soon as you are done with this work you will definitely do this work.


If you are not able to do any of your favorite work because now you are free. Now you can What are those jobs ???
He promised himself that he would do it in his spare time.

But when we are not busy, we are completely free, so we waste our time with our eyes closed and think, what is your purpose?

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Food and drink ??

All this is done by other creatures of Allah, then what is your job in this world ??

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Worshiping Allah? Absolutely, but for that, there are angels of Allah. No. Allah is meant to be worshiped only by us? But Allah Almighty has made it clear about worship.

What is the purpose of our life?

When a person does not find his purpose, Allah forgets himself by engaging him in linguistics.


What to do in such cases? How to recognize the purpose?

Create Your Own Routine.

Get up early in the morning and pray. Recite the Holy Quran. Make your own breakfast then don’t sit and watch TV.

Just have breakfast while having breakfast. We’ll see later. What do we have to do with it?

First of all, one important thing is prayer.

At this time, which is the most important part of our lives, we have to make ourselves accustomed to prayers.

The call to prayer was made here and he immediately got up for ablution. Pray first.

Lockdown is a great opportunity for those who do not get into the habit of praying due to their busyness and believe that these are busy activities or they are just false excuses.


Prayer is not forgiven under any circumstances. You sit down and recite it with gestures.

In case of illness. Lie down and read as easily as you can. You have been ordered to read.

So make yourself accustomed to prayers.

How to spend time in lockdown prayers
How to spend time in lockdown?

You have to take time and improve your prayers. Do small household chores during the day, whatever you want to do.

Clean the room Keep yourself clean if you enjoy cooking. Anyway, if you spend time on YouTube, take cooking classes and learn something.

Want to sew or any skill that you have longed for to come and do it if you do not. God has given the opportunity, as He has given it, this is also a test.


If a disease has been imposed, then so much time has been given.

Now it is man’s job to make the best use of it.

Allah is fulfilling His promises and will continue to do so but what are you doing ?? What am I doing It is a matter of seeing and thinking.

Come back now. Towards my goal

This one topic gave me the opportunity to talk about a lot of things … Alhamdulillah, I may not be able to write too many details in it, but I will try to mention all the points that need to be mentioned. I will write here what needs to be said.
We can make the most of this valuable time in lockdown when we do something for ourselves, recognize our skills and hone them.

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They hone their skills and share the light with people. I don’t know your purpose, I know your interests.

Nor do I know what you are doing or what you are good at. I can give you an example to show you that what I do now is very different from the degree I taught.


Acquired is different from it. It is contradictory.

How did I improve this time?

I thought to myself what I know, apart from what I studied.

Am I can teach children the rules, I can teach tajweed, I can share that knowledge as an ongoing charity …

Praise be to Allaah. And then I started. I started doing courses. I memorized the short Dua’s and short surahs of the day.

I played the dua series and the prayer series in full and thank God the hadith series is going on now and after that, I will start the Sira of the Prophet (peace be upon him) series inshaAllah.

I also did free courses in all the series. After that, it was not enough for me.


Job has been a big problem in lockdown. Job has been a big issue for everyone and I wanted to earn somehow, so I started a tajweed course and taught Quranic rules with tajweed.

But was it enough?

Apparently, it is enough, but I wanted to do something else. In my free time, I used to write down my feelings, thoughts, experiences, and observations.

But I had a passion for writing and I also had a passion for literature. I read books and novels too.

(Reading a book is never wrong if you are learning something from it but now it is not the case that you people read books based on linguistics.

There are also good and corrective books. I started reading books as well as writing. I have nurtured this hobby of mine. ۔

Books give you the knowledge and show you new ways of thinking. I changed my writing a little bit so I started earning from it.


I write to hone my skills. I write for the rights of the people. According to Islam, what is right, what is wrong, what is halal, what is haraam?

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Why am I telling you this?

Just to see what I did? No, I’m far from my destination right now.

I’m on my way right now but I’m telling you all this because I’m trying to tell you something that most people shy away from and …

And that is hard work …

Your hobby takes you further and if you recognize it correctly, then you can succeed. Sharpen your hobby in such a way that it is not just a game for leisure time but it is a skill of yours.

And the more you improve, the more you enjoy working and the happier you are. What you do with your heart …


You have that hobby then you put your best skills into it. When you work hard, you will get the best result. Success will come to you from here.

But consider it the first success, which is not to be stopped.

We have to work harder, we have to move further, take small steps, only then we will learn to walk, we will run away suddenly, we will stumble and fall.

Even if you fall, there is no problem, but learn to walk first and you don’t have to run.

But if you ever fall while running for some purpose, get up.

Don’t sit in the same place in despair that if I get up I will not be able to walk or I have learned to walk again …


So I can’t run no… You have to get up. When you dare to get up, you will also get the courage to walk.

You will start walking and will not run. You will see inshallah.

May Allah Almighty succeed in our good intentions. Amen

How To Spend Time in Lockdown / Quarantine?

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How To Spend Time in Lockdown / Quarantine? (Amazing Tips)
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How To Spend Time in Lockdown / Quarantine? (Amazing Tips)
How To Spend Time in Lockdown / Quarantine? (Amazing Tips): We are still paying for this covid-19. May Allah save us from this disease as soon as possible. Amen. May Allah take this disease away from us as soon as possible. Ameen
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