HP Elite Dragon Fly G2 and Elite Dragon Fly Max | Convertible laptops


HP Elite Dragon Fly G2 and Elite Dragon Fly Max | Convertible laptops: Leading company HP has introduced 2 new convertible laptops aimed at helping people work at home during the Coronavirus epidemic.

HP unveiled a number of new devices at the CES technology show in Las Vegas, including two convertible laptops from the Dragon Fi series.

The Elite Dragon Fly G2 and Elite Dragon Fly Max are convertible laptops, meaning they can also be used as tablets.

  • Both are lightweight laptops with a 13.3-inch display and Intel 11 Generation processor.
  • These laptops are available with 5G and 4GLT support options while the tile tracking technology is built-in.
  • The Elite Dragon Fly Max has a 1080p display, while the 5-megapixel webcam comes with an IR sensor.
  • The laptop has 4 wide array microphones while the user also has the option to disable the webcam.
  • The laptop will offer Intel 11 Generation i5 and i7 options, while the Elite Dragon G2 has i3, i5 and i7k options.
  • Both have 32GB RAM, 2TBM2 SSD storage, a USBBC 3.1 charging, 2 USBBC Thunderbolt 3 and a single HDML 1B port.
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Features Of HP Elite Dragon Fly G2 and Elite Dragon Fly Max

Both will be available to consumers in late January, although the company has not announced a price, laptops in this series typically cost 15 1,500.

H also introduced wireless earbuds, dubbed HP Elite Wireless Buds.


According to the company, these earphones have features like personalized audio tuning, active noise cancellation and sound switch presets.

According to the company, these Airbus can be switched to Windows 10, iOS or Android apps.

The Airbus will go on sale in April and will be priced at 199 199.

HP has also introduced a tablet Elite Flow with 13.5 in-full HD display, Generation 2 Snapdragon 8CX processor and 5G support.

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With 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage, the company claims that its battery will work all day and play video 24 hours a day.

It will go on sale in February.


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