Introducing the feature of missing messages in Facebook Messenger


Facebook this month introduced a feature in its proprietary messaging application WhatsApp, which will automatically disappear new messages after 7 days, dubbed Disappearing Messages.

Now Facebook has introduced a similar feature for Messenger.

This feature called Wish Mode is different from WhatsApp because messages will disappear once viewed and the chat window is closed.


According to Facebook, the purpose of this feature is to stay in touch with close friends and family without worrying that the conversation will last for years.

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The company says that this feature is perfect for memes, guffs, stickers and reactions, which you don’t want to see in the chat history.

This feature requires the user to turn it on automatically, swipe up a chat thread, and the vanish mode will work.

Normal chat will return when you swipe up again, but this feature will only work when both people in the chat have activated it.

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Many privacy features have been added during this mode, such as notifying the user when taking a screenshot in a chat.

Earlier in September, Facebook introduced the option to link Instagram’s direct messages to Messenger.

As mentioned above, this feature was also introduced in WhatsApp under the name of Disappearing Message in which the main difference was that the messages in it will disappear after 7 days.


This new feature will be gradually available to all users in Messenger and Instagram.

According to the company, it is currently being offered on Messenger in the United States and a few other countries, and will soon be offered in the European Union.

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It is already available in several countries on Instagram but will be available to US users in the coming weeks.

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