Introducing Various Televisions With 8K Resolution of TCL


Introducing Various Televisions With 8K Resolution of TCL: Leading company TCL has introduced its new televisions for 2021, with 8K resolution and other new features added.

TCL’s new 6 Series and Roko TV models from the XL Collection were unveiled at the CES show in Las Vegas.

The company said that last year’s models will also be available, but this year’s TV models have been added to the company’s AIPQ engine, which will help make the content of the 4K more transparent.

Although there is a shortage of 8K content at the moment, TCL intends to bring down the prices of 8K TVs.

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Introducing Various Televisions With 8K Resolution of TCL

A new display panel, OD Zero, has also been added to this year’s TV models, reducing the gap between the display and backlight system to zero millimeters.

According to the company, this has resulted in very thin displays based on millions of mini LEDs and thousands of contrast control zones.

This year, TCL is also introducing the XL Collection, which will include a variety of 85-inch televisions with varying prices and screen resolutions.

According to the company, the XL collection will have 3 different models and each will have an 85-inch screen.

One of them will be the 85-inch 4 Series Roku TV that will be able to stream 4K HDR, the other will be the 4K Roko TV which will be given OLED picture quality while the third mini LED will be 8K Power 8K. There will be a TV with QLED wide color technology.

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According to the company, the XL collection will fit any budget and its performance will win the hearts of consumers.

The company has not yet announced the prices of 6 series televisions.

Similarly, the XL Collection will be available to consumers sometime during this quarter, starting at 15 1,599.


However, no announcement has been made yet about the price and availability of the 8K TVs included in this collection.

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