Kisan Tehreek: Twitter has Rejected a Request From the Indian Government


Kisan Tehreek: The micro-blogging site Twitter has rejected a request from the Indian government to close at least 250 accounts that share tweets and other content related to the Kisan Tehreek.

According to Reuters, Twitter immediately shut down dozens of accounts at the request of the Indian government, but the microblogging site later reinstated all.

Disagreements between Twitter and the Indian government have intensified following the government’s failure to comply with the request and the recent resignation of a senior Twitter official in India.

The Indian government wants Twitter to suspend these accounts under Indian cybercrime laws, about which the government has provided data to a microblogging site.

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A lot of data and information has been shared on Twitter regarding the farmers’ protests in India since last November and there are millions of Twitter users across India.

Recently, singers Rihanna, Mia Khalifa, and Greta Thonberg, among others, tweeted about the farmers’ movement and human rights abuses in India, much to the chagrin of the Indian government.


In India, most members of his cabinet, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, use Twitter to send messages to their followers and the public, but the government now wants Twitter to follow government guidelines to suspend accounts that Allegedly sharing provocative material.

Twitter has rejected the Indian government’s request, calling it against freedom of expression, after which differences between Twitter and the Indian government escalated.

According to Reuters, Mahima Kal, Twitter’s public policy director in India, also recently resigned due to rising tensions between the government and the Twitter administration following the peasant movement.

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Twitter is looking for another suitable candidate to replace Mahima Kal who could play a key role in easing tensions between the Indian government and the management of the microblogging website.

Twitter in India has also come under fire at the governmental level in recent days for its recent likes of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, who suggested that Twitter express itself in response to farmers’ protests. Introduce emojis for solidarity.

After Jack Dorsey liked the tweet, he was heavily criticized in the Indian media and his policies were declared anti-India.

Although neither Jack Dorsey nor Twitter has indicated that they will introduce any emojis related to the farmers ‘movement, the Indian government appears to be worried about the global support for farmers’ protests.


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