LG Introduced Disinfects Robot


LG Introduced Disinfects Robot: Leading company LG has introduced an automated robot that disinfects the surface of objects using ultraviolet light.

The purpose of introducing this robot is to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

This robot is called Chloe UV. Named C, which disinfects the surface of objects that are most touched in different places by ultraviolet light.

Introduced at CES, the world’s largest technology exhibition, the company says it is perfect for hotels, retail centers, offices and educational institutions, where the population is high and countless things are touched ۔

Earlier last year, LG also introduced the L-Smart Face Mask, which the company called a wearable air purifier.

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According to LG, this robot has been developed at a time when cleaning different places has become a top priority.


The robot is designed to prevent the spread of germs through ultraviolet light, while it has motion sensors that prevent people from approaching 5 meters.

The controls of the robot can be used through a mobile app.

LG also unveiled a number of new devices during the show, including TVs, refrigerators, and washing machines.

Remember that CES is held in January every year in Las Vegas, USA, but for the first time in 2021, this event is going online.

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