LG Introduced Smart Bed With Transparent LED TV


LG Introduced Smart Bed With TV: Did you know that most people try to hide the television in their home from the public eye, which is often covered with the help of a cover?

It seems that LG has come up with a unique solution keeping in mind the same ‘problem’ of the people and that is the smart bed of this company.

This concept of a smart bed will solve this problem because the television will be hidden inside the frame of this bed.

Yes, there really is a 55 inch transparent LED screen hidden inside the frame of this bed.

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LG unveiled the concept device during the CES technology show.

When someone wants to watch TV, the screen will pop out of the frame and take the shape of a TV (without a backlight).

When the program is over and you don’t feel like watching anything, this screen will disappear again within the frame.

The screen will be up to 40% transparent, which is better than the company’s previous transparent LCDs at 10%.

The panel will also have built-in speakers while the sound solution technology will be part of the frame.

smart bed

LG says that the transparent OLED TV set can be placed anywhere in the house at will, but this is not possible at the moment as it is not for sale.

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According to the company, the technology can be used in many places in everyday life, such as shops, shopping centers, and others, it will replace the current display in the future.

By the way, in the past, Samsung, LG, and Panasonic have introduced such concept devices with a transparent screen.


But this is the first LG display screen designed with the TV in mind and can be used at home.

As mentioned above, this is just a concept device at the moment and the company has not given any indication as to how long it can be turned into a commercial product.


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