LG Introduced Sound Controlled Refrigerator


LG Introduced Sound Controlled Refrigerator: Sound-controlled refrigerators have already become a reality, but the well-known company LG has given them a new look.

The South Korean company has introduced its 2021 series of InstaView refrigerators in which the refrigerator door can be opened with sound.

This will be helpful when you already have the equipment in hand and do not need to touch the refrigerator door to avoid germs during an epidemic.

Some Features Of Sound Controlled Refrigerator

  • In addition, other traditional voice features will be part of the refrigerator.
  • That means you can check the water and iceboxes by voice or ask about the day’s schedule.
  • The new models also add ultraviolet-based disinfection to water dispenser taps to keep people away from germs.
  • The refrigerator has a 23% larger glass panel, as the name implies.
  • The company has not yet announced the price or availability date for the refrigerator.
  • Details are likely to be released in January at a technology exhibition called Scheduled CES in Las Vegas.
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