Lompli Light | Turn Your Smartphone Flashlight into a Beautiful Lamp


Lompli Light | Turn Your Smartphone Flashlight into a Beautiful Lamp: Lompli Light is an interesting and simple invention that can turn the light of every smartphone into a lighthouse. That is, it can turn a mobile phone into a lamp placed on a table.

Sometimes we want to be able to work or read a book in the light of a mobile phone, but for that, we have to pick up the phone and turn its bulb towards the book. Lomeli is a kind of mobile phone light. It is a wide marble made of strong material that can shrink and expand.

After closing it, the shrink is wrapped and sealed in a cloth bag and can be handled. After opening, it increases up to 10 times.

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It comes with a small round magnet that sticks to the back of any smartphone and doesn’t fall off. Now you can put a lamp on top of it so that it illuminates the entire lamp by enabling the diffusion of light and increases the brightness of the smartphone.

There is another magnet attached to the edge of the lamp that sticks to the magnet on the phone so that the lamp does not move.

It has tiny holes through which light enters the lamp and illuminates every part of it. Thus the light of the phone takes the form of a small beacon of light. Even shaking and burning does not cause the lamp to fall down.

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The interesting thing is that keeping it in a dark room creates fine dots of light and the ceiling of the room looks like a starry sky. Thanks to its app, just by clapping, the lamp is lit and its light is turned off on the second clap. By rotating the top, the light can be increased or decreased.


Some people have questioned that its structure is very weak but this is not the case. The material of the lamp can be washed thousands of times and does not deteriorate even after opening and closing it thousands of times. Experts have been researching and trying for six months to make the most suitable paper for it.

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A lamp for the Lompli Light smartphone can be bought for 25 euros. That is, Pakistani can be bought for Rs 4,700.

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