Microsoft has introduced a 24 hour free video call feature


Microsoft has introduced a 24-hour free video call feature in the Thames compared to Zoom and Google Mate. According to The Verge, desktop and web users will now be able to make 24-hour free video calls in Microsoft Teams.

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For this, the host will need a Microsoft account, after which he will be able to add up to 300 people to the call.

If for some reason the host is unable to speak, leaving him alone will allow other people to continue the conversation for hours.

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Out of 300, 49 people will appear on the screen and Microsoft expects people to feel less lonely with the feature called Together Mode.


This is not the first attempt by Microsoft to gain public attention for any of its video chat apps during the Code 19 epidemic.

Earlier, Microsoft’s proprietary service Skype introduced a free login meeting feature in the early days of the Corona epidemic.

But the new feature is even more important at the Thames, especially during the second wave of the coronavirus, where video chat rates are rising again, as people in the United States and Europe try to communicate with each other over the Christmas holidays. Will use the services of

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Earlier, Zoom also announced the temporary cessation of 40-minute free video calls on Thanksgiving.

Microsoft Teams now offers 24-hour video call for free




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