Now Facebook Will Have Access to Your Complete WhatsApp data

Now Facebook Will Have Access to Your Complete WhatsApp data: WhatsApp users cannot prevent their data from being shared with Facebook, otherwise, they will have to lose the account of this messaging app.

Remember that when Facebook bought WhatsApp, both companies promised that the user data of this messaging app would be kept away from the social networking site.

Privacy is a prominent part of Facebook, but this will no longer be the case with its new privacy policy.

If you use WhatsApp on a daily basis, you may have received a notification of the new WhatsApp policy by now, which must be accepted by February 8, if you want to maintain a WhatsApp account.

Thanks to this new policy, WhatsApp will become a real part of Facebook and will lose its autonomy.

That is, users’ data usage will also be significantly affected.

What will not change?

One thing will remain the same and that is the end-to-end encryption of messages.

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What is about to change?

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy has 3 updates on how the app will process app data, how businesses using Facebook services will be able to store and manage WhatsApp chats, and now WhatsApp Facebook will connect more than other services.


What data does WhatsApp collect?

According to WhatsApp’s new policy, the app includes battery level, signal strength, app version, browser information, mobile network, connection information (including phone number, mobile operator or ISP), language and time zone, IP address, Gathers device operations information etc.

Well, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first, but the details weren’t part of WhatsApp’s old privacy policy.

What details will be shared with Facebook?

Under the new policy, WhatsApp will share almost all data with Facebook.

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Facebook’s new privacy policy clearly states that the user’s phone number, IP address and mobile device information will be shared with Facebook.

According to the policy, these details may be shared with other Facebook companies, including account registration information (such as your phone number), transaction data, service details, contact details, mobile device information, IP address and Others are included.

There are currently no ads

WhatsApp says it is not adding banner ads to the app right now, but the company also said that if the ads are introduced, the privacy policy will be updated, meaning it could be a few weeks or months later. Is.


Where will the data be stored?

WhatsApp’s data will be stored in Facebook’s global data centers, which was not part of WhatsApp’s old privacy policy.

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Deleting a WhatsApp account will not save data

Even if you delete your WhatsApp account, your data will not be deleted.

Under the new policy, when you delete your account, this will not affect the details of the groups you have created or the details of other users to whom you also belong, such as the messages you send. Will

Contacts with business accounts

Now when a user contacts someone on WhatsApp, his content can be shared with many people.

Simply put, when a business is contacted on WhatsApp, the user will not know how their data will be used and will be able to share it with third party services.


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