Possibility of introducing Email service by Zoom


Possibility of introducing email service by Zoom: 2020 has been a great year for the video conferencing platform Zoom, which has seen a huge increase in usage, with share prices rising 500 percent.

The company now plans to move beyond video chat to other areas, especially email and calendar services.

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The company is already working on an e-mail product and reports suggest that testing of Zoom’s web e-mail service could begin early next year.

Similarly, the calendar app is still being worked on, but it is not clear when it will be ready.

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However, by stepping into these areas, Zoom will beat Google and Microsoft, while reducing the reliance on video conferencing after overcoming the Code 19 epidemic will help the company move forward.


Zoom has not yet confirmed or denied this report.

Zoom’s major rivals, Google and Microsoft, offer video conferencing as well as other services, including calendars and email.

But the competition for zoom in new areas will not be easy as Gmail and Microsoft’s Outlook services are outdated and have a large number of users, including a number of services.


Zoom may launch an email service in 2021 to rival Gmail | Email service by Zoom


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