Samsung New LED TV | You Can Watch 4 Channels at Same time


Samsung New LED TV, You Can Watch 4 Channels at Same time: Samsung’s new Micro LED TV is also on display at the CES Technology Show in Las Vegas starting January 11.

It will be available in 110, 99 and 88-inch sizes at a staggering price.

By the way, this new TV was introduced for sale in South Korea in December 2020, but now it is being introduced globally.

All three versions will have a 4K resolution and will be available to consumers in other countries outside South Korea sometime this year, according to the company.

Samsung New LED TV
Samsung New LED TV

Micro LEDs are a new screen technology, closer to OLEDs than LCDs, which provide a financial black level and high brightness, as millions of tiny LEDs capture the image directly. Are

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As far as picture quality is concerned, it is even better than OLED.

The company has promised to produce smaller micro-LEDs in the future, which will be somewhat cheaper.
Simply put, a 110-inch micro-LED TV is a combination of 4 55-inch TVs.


Samsung has also given this TV a feature called MultiView, which allows users to connect multiple devices and view 4 different things at the same time.

This means that news, movies, dramas and other apps can be played simultaneously on one screen.

This feature is available in all three versions and it is truly a bezel-less TV with a 99.99% screen to body ratio.

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The TV has a 5.1 channel sound system.

This sound system is equipped with a unique feature, it tracks the movement of people on the screen and throws the sound in that direction.

Its 110-inch TV is available in South Korea for $156,000 (more than 25 million Pakistani rupees), but it is difficult to say what the price would be if it became available globally.


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