Secret features of google chrome


Secret features of google chrome: Google’s Chrome browser is currently the most used for web surfing worldwide.  Needless to say, people using the Internet open multiple tabs and often find it difficult to find the desired tab.


Secret features of google chrome

To address this issue, Google has added a new search feature to Chrome.  Google Chrome version 87 features a new button next to the New Tab sign that will help find a tab that is already open.

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Click on this button to type the title, after which the desired tab can be found.

Google says the feature will first be introduced to Chromebook users and later to users of other desktop operating systems.

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However, Windows Computer users can also try this feature, ie disable it before it is officially introduced. To do this, open and paste the link chrome: // flags / # scrollable-tab-strip into a new tab and press enter.


There you will see an option called Scrollable TabStrip, remove it by default and enable it, after which you have to relaunch the browser.  This feature will be disabled after relaunch and you will be able to use it.

In addition to tab search, Google is also adding tab throttling for performance and battery boost and direct actions from the address bar in Chrome.

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