Skype introduced an interesting feature

Skype introduced an interesting feature: Microsoft has added a great feature to the video calling app Skype. This feature, called Together Mode, was part of Microsoft’s first workspace that used AI technology.

This feature is now available on Skype and can bring people together in a virtual location.

To do this, at least 5 people on Skype have to enable the webcam and then a virtual environment will appear, where all the people will be sitting together.

And yes, you don’t even have to install the Skype app on your phone, you can try it on the web version of Skype and you don’t even need an account.

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Skype users need to create a mate and share the link with their friends.

Microsoft introduced the feature for the Thames meeting in July and it is now available to Skype users.

Surprisingly, a feature of Microsoft Teams became part of Skype, but it was probably done to compete with Zoom.

During the Coronavirus epidemic, people preferred Zoom to Skype, while Microsoft also worked more on video calling teams.

Along with Together mode, Skype has also introduced another feature, Large Grid Mode, which will allow you to watch everyone in the Skype video stream at the same time.


Skype introduced an interesting feature ‘Together Mode’ to put users together in a virtual space

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