Test an interesting feature in WhatsApp


Test an interesting feature in WhatsApp: WhatsApp introduced the feature of automatic disappearance of messages in November 2020.

Messages can be deleted after 7 days by enabling this feature in specific chats.

But this period is very long because the message can be present on any feed for 7 days, but the good thing is that the company owned by Facebook is improving it.

WhatsApp is working on a new model that will remove images from the chat window when a user leaves the chat.

WABetaInfo, the site that tracks WhatsApp updates, said the feature is currently undergoing development.

This feature is being tested in beta versions of iOS and Android, which is surprising because a feature is usually tested first in a beta version of a system at the same time.


Images submitted under this new feature will not be able to be downloaded to the gallery nor will they be copied to another app.

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This will help users protect sensitive images.

However, if screenshot protection is not currently available in this feature, it will be possible to take a screenshot.

According to the report, this feature is similar to the feature of disappearing messages in Instagram Direct after some time.

Test an interesting feature in WhatsApp: As this feature is currently undergoing development, it is difficult to say how long it will be available to users.


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