The Founder of Game of Thrones Has Dead By Poison


The Founder of Game of Thrones Has Dead By Poison: Chinese tycoon and founder of the video game “Game of Thrones” Linki has died, and Shanghai police say he died of poisoning.

He was mysteriously killed on Christmas Day (December 25), according to BBC News.

Linky, 39, was chairman and chief executive of game developer Yuzo. Winter is coming because of ‘Coming’.

A Shanghai police statement named one of his accomplices, identified only by his surname Zhou, as a suspect.

According to the Haroon China Rich List, Lynch was one of the richest men in the country with a net worth of about 6.8 billion yuan.

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Many current and former employees of the company mourned Linky’s death outside Yuzo’s office.

He was a star in the Chinese gaming market and also ventured into film production.

He founded Yuzo in 2009 and successfully ran the company at a time when the gaming industry was undergoing a lot of changes due to mobile gaming.


His company also issued an emotional statement on Weibo’s official account following Linky’s death.

The cause of death was not immediately clear, with police saying Lincoln was believed to have been poisoned.

On the other hand, a statement issued by Yuzo said that Linky himself was admitted to the hospital due to ill health but his condition was better.

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However, in a dramatic way, Yuzo announced on December 25 that the company’s founder had died.

In addition, local reports suggest that the man taken into police custody may be Zhou Yao, who heads Yuzhou’s movie production.


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