TikTok New Rules 2021 | Tiktok Has Updated Its Rules For User

TikTok New Rules: The popular social media app TikTok has updated its rules and regulations for users.

In March of this year, TikTok said it had enlisted the help of independent experts who would assist the Content Advisory Council, which works on content policies.

The company updated its policies in January this year to improve the attitudes of younger users by preventing misleading videos.

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There are Some TikTok New Rules:

  • Now the company says the main purpose of the new rules is to strengthen existing policies.
  • The new guidelines, for example, add more detailed rules to prevent abuse and harassment.
  • The new rules clearly define what types of content will be considered threatening or inciting violence.
  • TikTok has also added new rules aimed at preventing users from engaging in content based on deadly competitions, games or other activities to ensure the safety of young people.
  • The previous rules also mentioned the prevention of such content, but the new guidelines will make it easier for the company to enforce the rules.
  • Similarly, it will be easier for users who often complain that the app has taken action against them.
  • With the new rules, TikTok has added a few new features.
  • One feature is the new warning screen that will appear before users before opening a controversial video.
  • The Corona Virus Hub has also been updated and medical experts have been informed about the vaccine.
  • The company has also added new sources for mental health.

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