Twitter and Facebook presidential accounts ready to be transferred to Joe Biden on January 20

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly refused to recognize the presidential election at the hands of Democratic candidate Joe Biden, saying he intends to overturn the results through legal action.

Only time will tell how successful they are in this, but social networking sites Twitter and Facebook have issued their positions in this regard.

Twitter told the US website, Politico, that it would transfer POTUS, the official account of the US president, to Biden on the day of his inauguration, even if President Trump did not concede defeat.

Needless to say, US President Donald Trump has not yet conceded defeat.

A Twitter spokesman told technology site The Verge that “Twitter has begun preparations to transfer the White House Twitter accounts to January 20, 2021.”

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“We did the same during the transfer of presidential power in 217. This process was completed in consultation with the National Archives and Records Administration,” the spokesman said.

Along with the presidential account, the accounts of the White House, vice president, and first lady will also be transferred.

All of these accounts will be made part of the existing content archive before being transferred to new people, as was the @POTUS archive for Barack Obama’s account.

All accounts will then be reset and all tweets will be deleted.

Donald Trump will retain control of his personal account, but the special protection he received after taking the oath of office will end.

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After that, Donald Trump will be subject to the same Twitter rules that are currently applicable to most users.

On the other hand, on November 21, Facebook told Reuters that it would transfer the president’s official account on its platform to the new administration.

“In 2017, we worked with the Obama administration and the then-Trump administration to ensure that the transfer of Facebook and Instagram accounts took place on January 20, and we expect that to happen again,” the company said.

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