What Caused Sanam Saeed To Shed Real Tears in The Movie ‘Cake’?


What Caused Sanam Saeed To Shed Real Tears in The Movie ‘Cake’?: Actress Sanam Saeed has revealed that she shed real tears during the crying scenes in the movie ‘Cake’ which was released three years ago.

“Cake” was released in 2018 and was screened at international film festivals.

The same film was sent by the Pakistani jury for the Oscar in the foreign-language category but did not win the film award.

‘Cake’ was highly acclaimed for its story, the story of the film revolves around a Sindhi family who gets into trouble in a big city and the film beautifully depicts small domestic problems. ۔

In the film, Sanam Saeed played the role of a member of the central family, who is seen crying several times when life’s problems come to light.

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In the past, Sanam Saeed had also admitted that the story of ‘Cake‘ is very similar to her real family life, but now she has admitted that she actually cried during the shooting of the film.

In an exclusive interview with Mahira Khan for ‘Mission’, Sanam Saeed spoke openly about life issues, professional life, and social issues including showbiz.

For the first time in a long program, Sanam Saeed openly told the story of his family and especially his mother’s health and the loss of her due to cancer.

Sanam Saeed said that while she was shooting for ‘Cake’, her mother was battling cancer.

According to the actress, she had to leave her mother in the hospital and go to London for the shooting and in the same days, they had a fresh divorce.

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According to the actress, due to other domestic issues including her mother’s illness and divorce, she cried real while shooting the scenes of the film and her tears were not artificial.

The actress said that her parents had spent 34 years of their lives together and for the first time after her mother’s death, she saw her father crying.


Sanam Saeed also became emotional while talking about her mother’s illness and domestic situation and said that she prays that no one will ever lose their loved ones.

Meanwhile, Mahira Khan narrated an incident in which a friend’s sister died and her father said that life and death are real but never a father has to see the time to bury his children.

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In the long program, Sanam Saeed spoke openly about social issues and issues facing women in particular, as well as professional life.

Earlier in 2018, Sanam Saeed had talked to Samina Pirzada about her personal life and said that they were divorced a few years after their marriage.

According to the actress, she moved to Dubai after her marriage, where her life was ruined by being idle at home, and later her marital health was affected due to her mother’s ill health. He divorced her.

He also admitted that he had a love marriage but the situation after marriage turned out to be contrary to his expectations.



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