WhatsApp introduced some of the best features

WhatsApp has announced some new additions to the world’s most popular messaging application, the most notable of which is a new wallpaper feature.

This feature allows the user to use different images in the background of each chat.  Needless to say, almost everyone on WhatsApp has more contact with some people and less interaction with others.

So now people who have more conversations can use costume wallpaper to differentiate their chat window from others.

It is also a useful tool to ensure that the message is not sent to the wrong person (after sending, it has to be deleted in a hurry which is also known to the other person).

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WhatsApp has also added the ability to change the colour of the default doodle wallpaper, while the collection of new wallpapers can now be done, which will be separated into bright and dark albums.

The user will be able to convert different wallpapers into light and dark mode of their phone, ie when the wallpaper of the phone screen changes, the wallpaper will also change automatically.

Apart from wallpapers, stickers can now be found on WhatsApp with the help of text or emoji. Similarly, Together at Home Pack has also been updated with animation in the app.

The company says that this feature has started to be introduced for Android and iOS users from today and these features will be available to all in the coming weeks.

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