Whatsapp New Policy controversy: Millions of users moved to other apps


Whatsapp New policy controversy: Millions of users moved to other apps: WhatsApp has now issued a formal response to the controversy over the new privacy policy, which seeks to allay consumer concerns.

The effect will be known in the coming days, but the controversy over the new privacy policy since the beginning of January has definitely benefited WhatsApp’s rival apps.

The number of new users of WhatsApp’s rival messaging apps has multiplied in one week.

WhatsApp has made it clear in its new privacy policy that it will share some of its users’ personal data with its parent company, Facebook.

WhatsApp has sent a notification to users informing them that they must either agree to allow Facebook and its other services to collect WhatsApp data, including phone numbers and locations, before February 8 or until the app. Lose access.

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WhatsApp has now clarified that the new policy will not affect the privacy of messages for friends or family.

But it’s too late to explain, and according to app analytics company Sensor Tower, WhatsApp’s rival Encrypted App Signal has seen a significant increase in users since the announcement of WhatsApp’s new privacy policy.


According to Sensor Tower, between January 6 and 10, 7.5 million people downloaded the signal in Google Play and the App Store worldwide.

That is 4,200 percent more than last week.

Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, suggested using the Signals app in a tweet after WhatsApp’s privacy policy was introduced.

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After his tweet, the number of new users on the signal increased so much that the registration of new users was also delayed.

As a result of this tweet, the share price of another company called Signal Advance also increased by 11,700%.

On the other hand, the number of people turning to another competitor of WhatsApp, Telegram, has increased significantly.

Between January 6 and 10, 9 million new users downloaded Telegram, up 91 percent from the previous week.


On January 12, Telegram said in a tweet that the number of active subscribers using the messaging service would exceed 500 million, with over 25 million new subscribers joining the service in the last 72 hours, 38% of whom were from Asia. 27% are from Europe, 21% from Latin America, and 8% from the Middle East.

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The biggest increase in Signal and Telegram subscribers was in India, which is also the largest market for WhatsApp.

In India, 2.3 million people downloaded the signal, while there were 1.5 million telegram installers.

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