Windows 11 Has Been Hacked! – Complete Details

Hackers have already suffered their victims in Microsoft’s next operating system ‘Windows 11’.

Internet Security Firm “Casperski” has also issued a warning in this regard, which has been told that there are windows 11 installation files on different websites that are stolen software free to install new windows.

Also can be used to upgrade existing windows.

According to Kaspersky, all the installation files are suspicious, but one of them is a special file, which

86307_Windows 11 Build 21996.1 x64 + Activator.exe

The name is and whose size is 1.75 gigabytes, is contaminated with many types of viruses (merchandise and adware).

The user’s computer is slow as soon as the file felt like Windows Eleven is slow and dozens of advertising on the screen.

These are not but in some versions of fake Windows 11, user’s computer spy software (spyware) and ‘lags’ and ‘lags’ through which unknown hackers can know which button when you have your computer And whose setting is pressed.

Taking advantage of this information, no hacker from your email password to the details of the bank account, you can also get unbelievable damage by almost everything.

‘Casperski’ has warned a recent blog on its official website that consumers do not download Windows 11 downloads from any unknown because only the Microsoft ‘Windows Encyclopedation’ program is tested Can use by downloading.

It is clear that Microsoft has not yet announced any date of issuing Windows Eleven.

Verbose sources on the world of information technology say that Windows 11 will be released in the third week of October this year.

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