YouTube New Step against TikTok | YouTube Vs TikTok


YouTube New Step against TikTok | YouTube Vs TikTok: In September last year, YouTube added TikTok-like short videos to its app, which could be viewed in the Discover panel.

This feature, based on a copy of TikTok, was renamed YouTube Shorts and is now available to all users.

This section can currently be viewed by opening a video in the YouTube app and scrolling down the suggested videos.

But according to various reports, this section will soon be replaced by the Chromecast button at the top of the YouTube app.


Videos with a length of 15 seconds or less can be created and uploaded to YouTube Shorts with the new Creator tools.


YouTube New Step against TikTok | YouTube Vs TikTok

This is a very similar feature to TikTok, which includes speed controls, a timer, and a countdown feature.

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Music will also be added to these short videos, and there is a huge library of songs on YouTube that will grow over time, according to the company.

In addition, the multi-segment camera will help users to combine multiple video clips into one short video.

Such Tools are commonly used in TikTok Video Recording.

YouTube shorts were first introduced in India but are now available almost all over the world, however, the facility to create short videos is still not available to all users.

Keep in mind that after the popularity of TikTok, its short videos feature is being added to all social media apps.

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First of all, Instagram introduced a new section called Reels, while Snapchat has done the same.


In December 2020, Google began testing a new feature in the search engine, which would allow users to watch Instagram and TikTok videos directly on Google instead of the app.

That is, clicking on these videos will open the web version instead of the app, because Google thinks that going to the app may get people lost in it.

With this new method, Google will be able to keep Arfin on its search badges and also give them access to viral videos.


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