Fast Traffic Bot Latest software Free Download

Welcome to Pak Studio! An Amazing Free Platform. Here you Can Download Easily Fast Traffic Bot Latest Software For Free.
Which Help to generates website traffic and income on autopilot. There are different methods for increase website traffic.
Like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is is bit complicated & also take time and hard work to drive Good Traffic for your website / blog.
Some other ways are very easy but cost a hug money and also risky because you can lose a lot of money if you don’t know what you are doing. Are you doing correct or wrong? So either way, it’s a worry because it takes some time and also lot of money.
Fast Traffic Bot can take the tedious & complex tasks of generating website traffic and let your pc automate the method so you don’t actually have to do the any work, its automatic software.
No Error About it, The business is still being done, but this Software and Your Pc / Laptop are doing work alternatively of you. So Download this amazing auto Fast Traffic Bot Software For Free and get lot of Website Traffic.
Fast Traffic Bot Latest software Free Download

Some Features and Info of Fast Traffic Bot

  • The goat fast traffic bot is to get 100% free traffic from safelists.
  • The software integrates with Google Mail (G-Mail) to open, Read & Click link to earn more credits.
  • These credits are used to seen solo E-mails to safelist members.
  • These all members will OPT- in squeeze pages, make purchases and click Google AdSense ads, ETC.
  • The key is to create targeted offers or Drive Free Traffic to Quality Affiliate Products.

How to Download and Install it?


Follow These Some Steps:
  • Click on Download Button and Download it.
  • Extract the Zip File and install it on your computer.
  • How to Use?
  • Create 2 New Google Mail Accounts (G-mail).
  • Registered for five more safelists.
  • Configure the Software Setting and Click on Start.
  • The software will earn Credits automatically
  • You can use Human coder / Death by Captcha Also if you like (Optional).
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Fast Traffic Bot user manual
The goal of fast traffic bot is to get loose site visitors from safelists. These web sites are nonetheless very popular these days, specifically among newbies.
The software program is splendidly easy to use and integrates with Gmail to open, read and click links to earn credit.
Those credits may be used to show your offers to different safe list individuals. You can also send solo emails, once to procure sufficient credits to accomplish that.
Those safe list participants will choose-in on your squeeze pages (favoured approach for cold traffic), make purchases, click on advertisements on blogs, and many others.
The key to maximizing your effects is to create focused offers and/or force traffic to nice associate merchandise.
  1. Step 1. Install the software program
  2. Step 2. Create 2 new Gmail money owed
  3. Step 3. Join up for five or more safelists
  4. Step 4. Configure the software program settings
  5. Step 5. Click begin and the software program earns credit routinely


Observe: we are able to replace the software as wanted from time to time. You can check for a new edition by means of clicking assist > check for updates…
Right here are a few safelists, to begin with:
A few notes approximately secure lists: every secure listing that you sign on for will provide you with numerous upgrades.
A part of their business version is to get you to buy Credit or different enhancements. You do not need to shop for any improvements to use speedy site visitor’s bot.
Our system may be used and not using the startup cost required. Some of the safelists can be a touch cumbersome to check-in for because you need to undergo several upsells, then affirm your e-mail deal with (es), then maybe view extra upsells, and so forth.
However, understand that you best ought to undergo that procedure once! After you’re all registered for the secure listing, you may let FTB do the work. All you want to do is login and post commercials for the websites you want to ship traffic to.
There are 1000’s greater safe lists, so there’s no shortage of potential site visitors. Definitely seek Google for “safe list sites” after which begin signing up at various safelists that look desirable to you.
Also please note that the safelists listed as examples are not ours, and we don’t have any manipulate over them. It’s far viable that a number of them could be gone or changed by the point you go there.
If that takes place, don’t fear, and there’s no need to put up aid requests approximately it. As noted, there are 1000’s safe list sites, so just maintain moving down the list and use Google to find greater.

Additional information.

It’s counselled to use 2 Gmail money owed with speedy traffic bot. One is used because the account for signing as much as safe list web sites (contact electronic mail). You’ll get hold of some emails to this account, so do not use your private e-mail address.
Ur list e-mail, which could without problems get a hundred’s of emails each day, so do no longer use your private email cope with. This is the e-mail account you operate in Fast Traffic Bot.
In fact, here’s any other manner of looking at it. Your intention is to get as many emails as feasible from the secure listing web sites. The greater emails that are flooding your inbox, the greater credits you can earn.
Observe: make certain to apply those settings consisting of the “links to search for in every email”.
You can additionally click “superior settings…” to trade general and captchas settings (see beneath).
It’s not required to apply any captcha services. You could use the “pass advertisements that require captchas” setting and get notable consequences on many safe list websites.
But, you’ll locate that a few safe list web sites do use captcha’s so that you’ll be capable of earn even more credits and get extra site visitors faster while using a captchas service.
Word: you may additionally use a human coder or demise with the aid of a captcha if you want to remedy the captchas mechanically (optionally available).

Fast Traffic Bot video tutorial: Click Here an download

Lastly, after you “begin” the software, you can without difficulty limit it and let it run within the heritage while you perform different paintings in your pc.
Fast Traffic Bot will preserve to run robotically till you forestall it, income credits and using traffic free of charge!

Opportunity method: get paid to read email websites

Rapid site visitor’s bot may be used to “study” any emails and click on links on the ones emails on your Gmail account. Therefore it is able to also be used to earn money from receives a commission to (gpt) study e-mail sites.
The manner the one’s web sites work is you receive a commission (typically some cents) for opening an e-mail and/or clicking an advertiser’s link in that electronic mail. FTB can try this work for you.

The method is basically the same as the only for the safelists. One hint is to observe the monitoring links used in the emails from the GPT websites and ensure FTB is ready to click on all links with that particular tracking variable (which includes earning. Personal home page).

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Click The Download Button and Download Fast Traffic Bot Free

Fast Traffic Bot Latest software Free Download

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