Google Input Tools For PC Free Download (Latest Version)

Looking to type and search in your own desired language. Google Input Tools allow you to roll in the hay very easily.

it’s a Google Chrome Browser extension which you’ll download and add it very easily to your chrome browser.

you’ll type in your selected language with all the special characters you’d need.

As with all other extensions downloaded and added to chrome, this Google Input Tools also makes its own icon within the Chrome browser.

To use the features of this Input tool you only got to click within the icon of Google Input Tool. sink menu would seem with all the features it’s and you’ll choose which language you would like to use.

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Download Google Input_Tools for windows

This chrome extension is flexible enough to feature and take away the language you would like to use. you’ll do that with a couple of clicks within the menu.

The amazing thing about this Google Input Tool is that the number of languages it supports which is that the main reason for an outsized number of users using this tool.

How To Use Google Input Tools:

Now the subsequent thing you would like to understand is the way to use Google Input Tools. You certainly got to know some methods so you’ll use it easily. you’ll use three methods to use these input tools and perform your requirements.

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Method 1:

The very first method is to use the keyboard which is displayed on your screen. The layout of the keyboard is the same as your real keyboard. you only got to click on the screen keys to type whatever you would like.

Method 2:

This is slightly a special method but somewhat almost like method 1. But there are some language limitations during this method as there are a variety of languages supported.

So during this method, you’ll use your own keyboard to type, and as you type you’ll be shown some suggestions to settle on the word.

you’ll be shown the suggestions counting on what are you typing but not what are you thinking. So type correctly to urge the right suggestions so you’ll choose between an outsized list of suggestions.

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Method 3:

The third and final method but the foremost interesting method is the use of a pencil. during this method, you’ll use a pencil to write down on a screen.

There are some limitations as you’ll not increase or decrease the dimensions of the window where you’ll write with a pencil. So this suggests you’ll write words only consistent with the dimensions of the window.

Google Input Tools For PC Free Download (Latest Version)

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