Bravia XR TV That Works Like Human Brain


Bravia XR TV That Works Like Human Brain: In January 2021, Sony introduced a unique TV that could function like a human brain.

Now, 2 months later, the Bravia XRLCD and OLED TV models are on sale.

These TVs will be available with 65 and 55-inch screens.

The TV has a processor working on artificial intelligence, which the company says processes images in the same way as the human brain.

According to Sony, the new processor uses advanced AI technology and is capable of understanding how humans see and hear and adjusts images and sound on the TV accordingly.

The company said that the human brain subconsciously looks at an object and focuses on specific points so that it can screen the whole picture and analyze its various elements at the same time.


The processor of this TV also makes the scenes look like real life by doing something similar.

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The company claims that it is the world’s first TV equipped with an AI processor that will provide a completely unique experience to viewers.

Companies are currently focusing on improving LED and OLED components to improve TV’s image technology, but Sony has used AI technology for this purpose.

According to the company, this processor will also help the TV’s 8K performance.

The new TV will feature Google TV as a built-in operating system, as well as hands-free Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support.

Similarly, HDMI 2.1 support has also been given which will give 4K support to gaming consoles.


It will cost a lot to buy as the 65-inch screen model will be available for $3,999 (over PKR 628,000) while the 55-inch model will be available for $2,998 (over PKR 470,000). ۔

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Sony – New BRAVIA XR TV Announcement


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