Cyber Security of Pakistan Arranged Cyber Security Awareness Lecture for Students


February 9, 2021: Cyber Security of Pakistan arranged a Cyber Security awareness lecture for Students of NCBA&E in which Cyber Scouts Saba Munir, Nawal Mehdi, and Shaila Arif delivered a Cyber Security awareness Lecture and taught them to be aware of cyber attacks as well as to secure their accounts practically.

She said that along with the evolution of information technology and computer science, man’s dependence on modern technology is also increasing.

In this situation, it has become necessary to keep the security measures of computers, the internet, or any information technology system effective and strong or to know how to prevent Cyber Attacks.

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With The Passage of Time, technological advances have led to the emergence of cybersecurity issues, threats such as social media, data privacy, and third parties.

Apart from Cyber ​​Scout Shehla Arif, a large number of students from different departments were present on the occasion.

Team Cyber Security of Pakistan

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