Facebook Changed Privacy Settings Again

If you do not have any care of FaceBook Privacy, then you should now do it, at least Mark Zuckerberg’s company is the same.

That’s why Facebook has re-designed privacy settings again.

Interestingly, in 2018, Facebook was designed for privacy settings and it was said that its purpose is to make things easier.

At present, Facebook said that consumers will not need to find settings on 20 different screens, but everyone will be accessible.

But now this policy has been changed and Facebook with a new re-design said, “Settings have now been converted into a group of 6 large categories, every group will have many relevant settings.

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These groups will contain accounts, pre-checks, audiences and visibility, cities, warfare, and community Standard and Legal Policies section ‘.

According to the company, now privacy settings have been made close to people’s mental models, so it is clear that you now have to use mental models to use this setting.

What is the meaning of the company now?

If you have an answer that everything has been done now, so congratulations you have understood the company’s goal.

Now if you want to update your privacy settings, you now have to go one by one, one in all new categories and all cats.

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There may be any important settings in one, it’s exactly like finding a treasure.

Well, it was fun but Facebook has highlighted the privacy checkup in this design.

This setting has begun to introduce Facebook IOS, Android, Mobile Web, and Facebook Light apps from July 5.

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