Good News For Samsung Smartphone Users!

Good News For Samsung Smartphone Users: If you use Samsung’s smartphones or tablets, you will love this news.

Samsung has announced that it will provide a minimum of 4 years of security updates for Galaxy smartphones and tablets from 2019 to date.

Previously, Samsung provided security updates to a device on a monthly or quarterly basis for the first two years.

Monthly updates are provided for flagship phones such as the Galaxy Note or Galaxy S series, while budget phones are provided with a security update once every 3 months.

Note that Samsung has now promised to provide security updates for 4 years, but did not say whether this will happen on a monthly basis or the phone will be updated every 3 months.

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But the new announcement suggests that Samsung is extending the life of its Galaxy phones, which can now be used for up to 4 years without any worries.

Support for Samsung’s cheap entry-level phones usually lasts that long.

And yes, under this announcement, security updates should be provided, not Android operating system updates.

However, in 2020, Samsung announced that it would provide Android operating system updates for at least 3 years.

this is Good News For Samsung Smartphone Users

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