How Does Hacking Software Pegasus Work & Can We Protect Our Phones?


How Does Hacking Software Pegasus Work & Can We Protect Our Phones?: The governments around the world are facing thrilling charges of workers, journalists, corporate executives, and politicians through the software produced by Israel.

How does this Pegasus work?

How does it come to people’s phones and what can it do after coming there?

According to news agency AFP, researchers believe that the initial version of the hacking software was diagnosed in 2016 and it sends them text messages to trap their goals, which they are forced to click on the message.

To download this spyware, the recipient will have to click on the link in Spy Messages, but its success successfully reduced the chances of installation because now the phone users are now clicking on suspicious links. Are very cautious.

The recent version of Pegasus has developed the Israeli firm NSO group that usually tries to take advantage of the weak aspects of the software installed in the mobile.

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In 2019, the Messaging Service Wats app had registered a case against the NSO, which was said that it installed the secret software in the 1400 users’ phones using the operating system.

By calling the target only by the Wats app, Pegas is downloaded in the phone’s phone, even if they do not receive the call, the software is installed.


Recently, according to the reports, Pegasus benefited from the weaknesses in Apple’s I Message software, it will potentially access one billion Apple iPhone used at this time, and from all these users You will be able to do without clicking on a button.

What do the goods do after installing?

Alan Wood Word, Professor of Cyberts at the University of Britain, said that Pegasus is probably the most talented software that works in a remote way.

He said that you imagine that as you have given your phone in someone else’s hand, use it to read the target messages and emails, viewing pictures, keep track of calls, their place Detecting and even filming from their own cameras can also be used.

Wood Word said that Pegas Developers have better places to hide in various software and now it is very difficult to know whether it is a material or not.

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That’s why it is not yet clear that the devices of how many people have been taped, although the new information of international media has been told that more than 50 thousand phone numbers are identified to be interested in NSO’s clients Becomes made.

However, one of the investigating organizations of Pegasus, the Security Lab of Amnesty International said that it has been signs of successful attacks on the Apple iPhone this month.


How did the NSO prepare such powerful spyware?

Apple and billions of dollars such as billions of dollars invested in large numbers every year so that it can be ensured that they can not be threatened by the hackers who can cause their software and system to destroy.

Even if hackers before an attack indicate any defects or flaws, they also give them high prizes.

The Wood Word said that Apple’s efforts to indicate weak aspects have made a lot of efforts to identify weak aspects of security of their software.

But in such complicated software, there will be one or two defects.

Analysts also believe that the NSO is probably kept on the Dark Web where hackers often sell information about these security flaws.

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The Wood Word further added that it is also notable that everyone does not have a new model phone, which includes the latest software, some weaknesses on which Google has overcome Android and Apple. May they still exist in the old phone.


Is it possible to remove spyware (Pegasus)?

Since it is very difficult to know whether your phone is targeted or not, it is also difficult to know whether it has been removed or not, Woodward said that the phone’s hardware itself in terms of Pegasus version On or can install in its memory.

If it is safe in memory, it may be a principle in case of rebooting the phone, so such businesses, political or other important people who are threatened can be targeted, they are advised. They regularly turn off and open their devices.

He further added that for many people, this work can cause extremely shocking, there is anti-material software for such devices, if you think your device can be targeted Install some anti-freeware software on the phone immediately.



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